02 July 2011

Shortcoursing Monoslugs

From battling twelve fourteen-foot trimarans up a mile and a half beat for two days on the open bay to bangin' out eight college-style shortcourse races in a couple-a-hours against seven fifteen-foot Vanguards, it's been a great week of sailing. It's July already, and I only just got out with Fleet 76 for the first time this season, and last night was perfect--relatively flat water despite the building ebb, steady 20 knot breeze, and warm summer temps. Chris and crew did a fantastic job with the race committee, keeping us hot lapping and mixing up the courses for interest. Lots of yelling and screaming at the starting line as skippers struggled to remember the approach (and rules) when starting with a strong current doing its best to shove everybody over early. Good fun. Note to self: get out there with them more often.

High Sierra Regatta at Huntington Lake up next. Fleet 76 will be there with another strong showing for the Vanguard 15 class, and the Wetas will have 14 on the line in just our fist ever trip to Huntington. It'll be a good mix of NorCal and SoCal duking it our for West Coast supremacy.

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