09 March 2008

Crying babies for crew

OK, this post is a little out of date--been a super busy week. March 2nd was the annual Sail-a-Small-Boat-Day at Richmond Yacht Club. A great event designed to get more people into more small boats. Volunteers add their boats to a list (I put up the Megabyte) and interested skippers signed up for a ride. We had a good crowd and a whole range of interesting boats: U20s, FDs, C15, Finns, 29ers, I14s, an MX Ray, a Hoot (are those guys still in business?), and others. Seemed to be a fair amount of interest in my Megabyte from "hey, what is that?" to "can I take my kids out in it?" Actually, a couple of dads each took two little kids out with them for a ride. I think the youngest was about two--she came back wet and crying. ahhhh. The bigger kids all seemed to enjoy the ride--they came back wet and smiling. The Megabyte has a pretty decent forward cockpit for a medium sized person to ride along. All was going well until I let the "I'm a Laser sailor" guy try it. He flipped. Luckily, no babies on board with him.