13 January 2009

Mom's Still Got It.

Bad knee and all she hopped aboard and couldn't wait to get out into open water. Only little puffs of wind coming in from the East, but with 70 degree temps (in January!) we couldn't complain. "This is just lovely," she remarked as she put the helm down and brought Lapras up onto the wind. It's been years since she's done that, but you'd never know.

That was Saturday. This morning, Mom called with sad news: 99 years, one last cup of tea, and her mother, my dear Nana, drifted off to be with the Lord.

We love you Nana.

Farewell to Mothra

Well, Mothra went on down the road to Santa Cruz
today with a happy new owner. I had a lot of fun with that boat and
satisfaction from fixing her up and getting her sailing again. She
was just the right boat to introduce sailing to the family in a
relatively low cost, low risk way. Turns out, the family really liked
it. You know what happened next--Lapras is here.

Sailing buddy, Dean, wanted to know if I need to change the address on this blog now. Nah, Mariner #1460 was the boat that got me back into sailing again and sharing these small boat adventures with family and friends.

Farewell, Mothra!
Does she look upset with me?