27 November 2009

Forecast says rain, but it looks OK to me.

Turned out to be very nice on the water this afternoon--for November, that is. Clouds blew off, sun came out, and wind settled in at about 8 kts. Sailed around for a couple of hours with the fam in the big boat. Got her tucked away just as the hail started to fall. Nice.

24 November 2009

Our little (censored)

I guess I had better be more careful with my blog titles. Seems the last one encouraged some cross linking that wasn't exactly about the same kind of "old (censored)". Our latest sailing adventure also being about (censored), little (censored), I'll be more careful this time. Dean and I both needed to do some sailing, and both of our big (censored) needed a little break without our little (censored). So, time for Father-daughter sail day. Wind and tide chose not to cooperate making our outing more of a father-daughter motor-sail, but it was delightful nonetheless. Dads chatted about dad stuff up in the cockpit while little (censored) played little (censored) games down in the cabin. Fun time. We"ll have to do it again.

Thanks to Peggy, who was enjoying some quiet time along the river bank without little (censored) in tow, for the picture. First live action shot taken from off the boat. That's us to the left furling the mains'l before returning to the harbor.