16 October 2009

My Old Girls

Mothra has been gone for some time now. She was a great little boat--just needed a little more love. Well, she's found it. Current owner, Jim, is doing just what I had imagined doing, but didn't quite get to. He's continuing the restoration process, taking lots of friends out for fun days around Santa Cruz, and taking advantage of the easy trailerability to extend his cruising grounds--all the way to Puget Sound, for example. If you squint, you can just see the little lady waiting her turn among the big boys to get lifted into the chilly Northwest waters.

And, the latest news: Feraligatr has a new home. Another Jim towed her on down to the peninsula last week. Seems he's starting his own little Megabyte fleet. He bought one a few months back, and he and his buddies liked it so much they went looking for another. Hey, local fleet building! Maybe I ought to think about getting a Megabyte?

Farewell, ladies.

15 October 2009

Family Big Boat

Yep, definitely more room on here than on the little boat. Great time out with the fam, sister Carol, bro-n-la George, and best bud Dean.

And capped off with a great dinner at Asian Confusion. Funny story there. Carol and I had gone over to BevMo and while picking out beer for our day cruise, a man approached and asked what kind of beer we liked to drink with spicy Asian food.

"Well, I like the Sapporo that comes in these big cool cans, and Singha is pretty tasty, too." "What kind of food are you having?"
"We just got the liquor license for the Asian fusion restaurant I'm opening. It's called Asian Confusion. You should come try it."
"Um . . . (who is this guy?) . . . OK."
"Call me in the afternoon before you come and I'll make you my special black bean crab. Do you like crab?"
"Yeah, sounds great!"
Well, we called, we went, we tried to order crab. It wasn't on the menu. No problem. He made is special just for us. Best crab ever.

And surprise surprise, had had my favorite Japanese beer chilled and ready.