05 July 2011

Dear Kara

Thanks for going sailing with your dad and me on the Weta last Saturday. The sun was warm, the wind wash fresh, and you were great crew. I'm glad you didn't mind getting wet, soaked really. Once your dad started driving, it was pretty much impossible to get him to slow down--too much fun!

After the sailing, I hope your kayak practice went well--that'll be a good skill for Huntington Lake. I know my tacking practice will pay off. It seemed the one hand for the tiller, one for the sheets, cross behind the back technique was fastest (at least in the protected marina conditions.) Let's compare notes this weekend.

See you soon,
Mr. Anderson.

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Dean Fulton said...

Dear Mr. Anderson,

It was really fun watching you sail your nifty new boat reaaaallly fast at Huntington Lake last weekend. I like your see-through sail! Where are you going to hang your burl-wood trophy?

My Daddy thinks that next year you should try a new boat just so you can sail 4 different boats in 4 years and break a record. How 'bout a Lido?

I think I'm going to stick with my blow up Kayak.

Hope you had fun camping. Did you get any s'mores? And hope your truck made it back ok.

Say hi to Jessica!